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Long wait is over! Finally it is official! 2nd and 4thSaturday Holiday is
Effective from 01.09.2015.
Finance Ministry,
Govt. Of India Today issued notification to this effect.

Friday, September 4, 2015

It has been an unprecedented strike of millions of workers at the call of Central Trade Unions. Response has been as never before. It is the biggest strike ever in the country.
This strike has been called by 10 Central Trade Unions. It has been supported by thousands of local unions, unaffiliated associations and federations. It is the largest unity of the trade unions that has done miracle. All sectors of the economy are affected.
The strike received the all-out support of the people. The strike call was given against Govt.negative response to 12 point charter, the main among these being the aggressive steps
being taken by the Govt. to amend labour laws in favour of corporates.
We congratulate and salute the gallant workers for their magnificent response. We expect Govt. to take lesson and take steps to ameliorate the grievances of the working
masses. It must restart discussions with Central Trade Unions for concrete solution to the demands failing which the struggle will be intensified.
This strike has been so spread because of the growing discontentment among working people against anti-worker policies of the government. It is also a protest against food
price rise and failure of the government to contain the slow-down of the economy leading to heavy retrenchment and informalisation.
The strike has been unprecedented in transport, Oil, Coal, Power, Bank, State Govt. employees, Insurance, Port & Dock, Defence, Postal, Telecom and automobile industries.
Thousands of workers have been on street to make the strike as an excellent success.
Delhi has also the impact of the strike.
The Central Trade Unions condemn the police action and atrocities by hooligans on the peaceful agitation by the trade union cadres for this strike in West Bengal. It is a state
backed terrorism. We believe all the right thinking people of the country unitedly protest against the atrocities committed on the trade union cadres of West Bengal.
Despite the terrorism sponsored by the state, the undaunted trade union activists have made the strike a success. We greet them.
There has also been lathi charge in different parts of the country. There have also been cases of intimidation by the police and arrest of workers. In some states, despite imposing ESMA, workers have moved forward undaunted to make this strike a grand
The Central Trade Unions condemn the reckless police action.
Statewise and sectorwise details are given as hereunder:
Road Transport
In almost all the states workers of State Road Undertakings went on strike. Even Private
road transport like autos and taxis are off the road. Roadways buses in Haryana, Delhi,
Uttarkahand, Himachal, UP and other states are also off the road. Magnificent strike of
transport workers affected the normal life of the people for which CTUs are sorry.
Defence production has come to a standstill. Nearly half a million ordnance factory and
installation workers throughout the country observed today’s strike.
Banks & Insurance
Strike is 100% in financial sector. More than two millions workers both in public sector
and private sector financial institutions went on strike.
Complete strike in coal mines. Even BMS workers joined the strike.
Mines like in Iron Ore, bauxite, copper, aluminum and others was complete. The
response was tremendous.
Steel Sector
The strike has been complete in most of the places in steel sector including first time
strike in Bhilai plant.
The strike has been complete in postal department. Most of the States with
workers/employees holding protest dharna/meetings outside the offices.
Oil Sector
The strike in oil sector was complete in almost all parts of the country. Supply of Aviation
fuel to Airlines was affected leading to cancellation of some flights. LPG plants were
completed closed in all parts of the country affecting gas supply.
Nearly complete strike in BSNL throughout the country. Even BMS workers joined strike
in BSNL.
Electricity / Power Sector
The Strike was almost complete in most of the states in power sector.
Tea Gardens in Eastern India and south India were totally on strike.
The strike was total in the states of Kerala, Assam, Goa, Telangana, Pondicherry,
Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, Manipur, Uttrakhand, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, and
Jharkahand, as also most all the sectors of Gov. and Public sector as well as Industrial
areas were on strike. Several of these states even traders closed down their business and
shops and so it became band like situation.
The strike was massive in the states of Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh,
Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Delhi & Meghalaya where some of the
sectors were on hundred percent strike.
It was heartening to note that some of the establishments and industries have gone on
strike after almost decades like in Bhillai, Iron Ore Mines, BHEL and some steel plants.
Most of the Auto and Taxis went off the road in Delhi & NCR as well as in several towns
and cities in India.
Rail Roko also took place in several areas in various states.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

L.I.C enter into its 60th, Diamond Jubilee year!!



Life Insurance Corporation of India nationalized in September 1st, 1956.

Some Statistics About L.I.C.:
Government Capital= Rs. 5 crore (only)
Policy Holders           = 30 crores
Asset                           = Rs.20.31 lac crores
Dividend paid to Govt.,= For 2014-15 is Rs.1803 crores
                                             From 2001 to 2015 = Rs.13000+ crores
(Can you image this much huge dividend for 5 crore capital)
Settlement of Death claims = 99.51%
Settlement of Maturity claims= 99.78%
Market Share (even after entrance of private companies)=78%
Investment in Govt., Bonds and Social Schemes=Rs. 12.86 lac crores.
Employees : More than 1,25,000 and Agents more than 12 lacs.
Govt. wants to privatise this “Golden Egg yielding Goose” to private corporates.
One of the demands of Sep 2nd, 2015 strike is “Don’t privatise  L.I.C. “

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sep 2nd, 2015 Strike:update:

Despite a softening of stand by the government, 10 of the 11 Central trade unions on Friday decided to go ahead with a country wide strike on September 2.
RSS-affiliated Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh is understood to have called for deferring the strike in order to let the government deliver on its promises.
“Trade unions will go ahead with September 2 strike,” said INTUC president G
 Sanjeeva Reddy after a three-hour long meeting of union leaders.
“BMS has opted out of the strike and has requested all the 10 trade unions to reconsider their stand as they want the government to try and work on their promises. But all the other trade unions have decided to go ahead with the strike,” said AK Padmanabhan, president, Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU).
=>Indian Express.
Now, it is understand that Five unions out of 9 unions in UFBU will participate
in the September 2nd, 2015 Strike.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Friday said payment systems will not be operated on second and fourth Saturdays but would operate for full day on working Saturdays.
Payment systems typically includes Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT), Cheque Clearing operated by various Bankers' Clearing Houses in the country including the grid based Cheque Truncation System (CTS) and ECS suite Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), Regional Electronic Clearing Service (RECS) and National Electronic Clearing Service (NECS).

Processing of future value dated transactions with value date falling on second and fourth Saturdays will not be undertaken under RTGS and ECS suite.

Last Half day working Saturday

Friday, August 28, 2015

This Blog is fast approaching One Crore Hits!

Few words at a time, my Blog is fast approaching One Crore Hits!
My Face Book page has more than 12000 likes/ followers.
It is an open ID, hence comrades can read without marking a like also. Hence total reach (of face book page) can’t be counted. It has maximum participation by comrades by way of like/comment/share among Banking oriented face book pages.  

My objective is to pass on all the information,
Whatever I am receiving /reading , thro e-mail and from websites of all unions. 
I am answering doubts/queries raised by comrades with my little knowledge( read from settlements and various circulars.)  and from my experience. I am posting only authentic news.

Union websites serve one way communication only.
Comrades want to express their view on various issues.
Hence I decided to start a platform for two way communication.
That is the birth of Indian Bank Kumar BLOG/face book page.

I started my Blog in Sep 2010. My blog may not look perfect in designing or look.
With my little practical knowledge in computer, by trial and error, I am managing the blog. Initially very few comrades follow and read.
Slowly it picks up, that too, after November 2012, as the 10th B.P.S talks started.

On reading the comments posted so far,I wish to appeal you to
Read the history of trade union movement, 
Read circulars, 
Attend union meetings, 
Attend Dharnas/Demos, 
Know Labour laws/provisions
Avoid ill conceived/motivated mind set on unions,