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*Consumer Price Index number for Oct,Nov,and Dec. is 253.
0.34 point over average of last quarter.

Hence D.A from Feb 2015 to Apr.2015 is 734 slabs(+2slabs)
i.e 110.10% (+0.30%)
*********************************************************************Next meeting between IBA and UFBU on wage revision
fixed on 03.02.2015 in Mumbai.


21st JANUARY to 24th JANUARY 2015

Put on HOLD.


**********************************************************************Consumer Price Index number for July is 252 & for Aug& Sep is 253 i.e 8.66s point over average of last quarter. Hence D.A from Nov 2014 is 732 slabs(+49slabs)
i.e 109.80% (+7.35%)

* Revised LFC encashment amount from 25.06.2014!

*Compassionate appointment for Bank Employees restored from 05.08.2014!
Legal heirs can opt for either employment or ex-gratia !

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

By delaying the settlement, how much Bank managements saved?

In my post dt.25.06.2012/03.10.2012  
 “10th Bipartite and my suggestions”
( it is available in my blog)
I mentioned that
9.Ad hoc payment: Every settlement takes two to three years to come to a conclusion. For example 9 th bipartite took 30 months. Employees got arrears for 30 months. In this process employees are loosing and Banks are benefited by crore and crore  of rupees.
Hence an ad hoc payment, say 15% towards salary increase may be demanded at the first negotiation itself.”
But, UFBU has never raised this demand at any stage.

By delaying the settlement, how much Bank managements saved?
I tried to calculate the amount.

Average Salary (gross in pay slip) of an employee (award staff +officers)
 is assumed =Rs.40000
Increase in percentage is=12.5%
Then increase per month =Rs.5000

Monday, January 26, 2015

AIBEA CIRCULAR LETTER dt.25th January, 2015
(important portion only)

AIBEA CC calls for cautious but decisive approach to clinch 10th Bipartite wage revision settlement.
The CC noted that while the present offer of 12.5 % amounted to
Rs. 3940 crores towards Payslip components ( as against Rs. 2980 crores achieved in the 9th BPS ), the same is far from adequate and hence there has to be substantial improvement in the offer of IBA before we could clinch the deal. .....

the CC decided that we have to move cautiously, but act decisively so that no derailment takes place in the negotiations.....

Revised Medical Reimbursement Scheme: In the meeting on reimbursement of medical expenses, it has been agreed to introduce a revised scheme by which employees would get full reimbursement of the medical expenses incurred by them without the existing ceilings, sub-limits and other restrictions which result in employees going out of pocket. The Scheme would incorporate and consist of various improvements also. ........

Discussions on service conditions of workmen employees: In the Sub-Committee meeting held on 19-1-2015, participated by all the 5 workmen unions, all the demands of workmen unions as raised in the common Charter of Demands were taken up for discussion.
To: Sent: Saturday, 24 January 2015 10:28 PM 
 Dear Comrades, We are receiving lot of queries form various centres as to 
what was our stand relating to four days strike that was to take place 
on 21-24th January, 2015. 
 In the UFBU meeting in Mumbai, held on 19th instant, the undersigned 
and Com. GMV Nayak were present. 
Going by the sitting order, Chairman of the meeting first asked us to give our opinion 
after initial presentation by Com. Convenor.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

                                                 (State unit of BEFI)           

Circular No.120                                                                                         23.01.2015
The four days’ strike from 21st to 24th Jan 2015 has been put on hold on the assurance of IBA
to discuss with UFBU with improved offer in the first week of February 2015
with all sincerity for reaching finality.
At this stage let us analyse what has been our demand, what has been conceded and
where we stand now.
Tenth Bipartite became due from 1.11.2012. The unions submittedcommon charter of demands duly on time before the expiry of the Ninth bipartite settlement. Besides demanding a fair wage revision, other issues like improved medical scheme, Pension improvement, switch over from New Pension Scheme to defined Pension Scheme, Five days week, regulated working hours for officers etc. were also pressed.
The quantification of the wage revision approximately worked out to be
35% increase in pay slip component.  ….
The ratio of wages to total expenses has come down from 14.66% on 31.3.2008
to 13.72% on 31.3.2012.
The average price rise during the 9th Bipartite Settlement period was more than 3.7 times
compared to the one during previous 7 years. 
The more the price rise, the more will be the erosion of real wages. 
Hence considering every parameter,
there was absolute justification of the demands of UFBU.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Is UFBU still united? –Part 2

CIRCULAR No. 003/2015 
Dt. 20.01.2014……..

“Who played dubiously ufbu meeting on 19TH JAN. 2015:
While in the meeting dated 19.01.2015, the issue of Strike for 4 days was oscillating ,
we proud to say that we were the only workmen organisation who steadfastly
demanded to go with the strike as per the original plan of UFBU until last.

Unfortunately, apart from AIBOC no other constituent member was willing
to go on 4 days strike. What a paradox? When a majority Officer Organisation,
who always has been seen as a pro-management union, is insisting for a strike,
and the so called majority Workmen Union, which always claimed to be pro-employees,
backed out!

we write to inform you that a meeting of NOBW & NOBO was held today with
Shri Jayant Sinha, Hon. Minister of State (Finance) wherein we have raised the
issues of Ongoing Wage Revision, 
the Secretary, Joint Secretary and Deputy Finance Secretary were also in the meeting. The issues had a patient hearing from all the concerned and have been assured to looked into. A memorandum is tendered to them by our Organisation……..”