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*****CURRENT NEWS******
Today In the afternoon discussions on other

demands of workmen and officers were discussed.
Next week negotiating committee meeting will be held
and pay scales etc will be discussed.
Today morning IBA & UFBU meeting took place
wherein all details of proposed new medical reimbursement scheme
was discussed.
Scheme will be finalized shortly.
For retirees also we have asked iba to workout
a similar scheme.

10.04.2015: Update on B.P.S.:
Sub committee meeting on medical reimbursement is scheduled
to be held on 16th April at 11.00 am.
Meeting with workmen unions will be held at 2.00 pm
(News from BEFI)
* 23.02.2015: Wage revision settled at 15%(4725 Cr.)
and 4th Saturdays will be Holidays.
Other Saturdays are full working day.
Four days strike deferred.
Detailed circular follows.

*Consumer Price Index number for Oct,Nov,and Dec. is 253.
0.34 point over average of last quarter.

Hence D.A from Feb 2015 to Apr.2015 is 734 slabs(+2slabs)
i.e 110.10% (+0.30%)
* Revised LFC encashment amount from 25.06.2014!

*Compassionate appointment for Bank Employees
restored from 05.08.2014!
Legal heirs can opt for either employment or ex-gratia !

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Many readers (especially junior employees) raise doubts about the meaning of 
“Merger of D.A at 4879 points” as mentioned in 07.03.2013 talks..
Also comment on the delay in the process of wage revision talks.
Hence I will post  about the significane of merger of D.A. with Basic Pay,
And the process of wage revision talks in the banking industry.
Those who already know about these subjects may explain to their juniors in the branches.
Others pl. read/understand and tell others.
Before that for ur inderstanding I give below the details of how D.A is calculated.


  1. Labour Department will release Consumer Price Index (No.)
    every month ,based on year 2001.

  1. Jan,Feb,March is one quarter. Likewise there are 4 quarters.

3.Difference between average CPI over average of previous quarter is called increase.

4.Bank D.A is calculated on CPI based on year 1960.

5.Conversion factor to year 2001  is  Index No .X 4.63 X 4.93

6.For every increase of 4 points 1 slab at the rate of 0.15% is given as D.A

7.Since everymonth’s CPI is announced on the last day of next month D.A is given effect on the subsequent month. i.e 2 months later.

EXAMPLE: for D,A Feb 2012:
  186      187    189      193      194  197       198  199  197
Average of Oct,Nov,Dec 2011                                              =198
On conversion =Average O N D 2011(198X4.93X4.63)        = 4519.53 
D.A already paid for Nov. 2011 (i.e average of Jul,Aug,Sep)= 401 slabs = 401X4+2836  = 4440.00
 (2836 is already merged point in 9th b,p)

Increase                                                               = 79.53
Slabs                                                                    =79.53/4=19.88=19

HENCE INCREASE FOR Feb 2012 is 19x0.15=2.85% of(B.P+SPL.ALLOW.+PQP)
 Toal D.A for Feb,Mar,Apr 2012=401+19=420 slabs=60.15%+2.85%=63%



Anonymous said...

thank you, nice information

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for giving valuable information. I am a newly recruited person in bank. By reading this, I got an idea about the DA caluclation. Thank you once again.-RAJNIKANTH GANGINENI

Anonymous said...

Thank You Very Much for making us aware of all these valuable information with detailed study.

Kotica Sudhakar said...

The topic is informative. Is there any other method?
How conversion factors are arrived at?(4.63 & 4.93)

Anonymous said...

Sir, I am an Ex Service men.I have newly joined the bank service.Can any member of any bank tell what is the IBA circular for Graduate increment/any reference or if possible full circular can be posted at this valuable platform.I did Graduation in single sitting(1 Year) from Osmania University Hyderabad,This 01 year Graduation was recognised by UGC till 1995-96, I did in the year 1991. Bank has not given me Graduate increment saying this was not 03 years course.But Why then a govt body like UGC recognised 01 year Graduation.It is now stopped w.e.f 1995-1996.
What is my fault?Kindly help and oblige, Thanks in anticipation.

Ajay said...

Fake notes deduct machines should be provided to every branch of Pnb.